Treasure of the Ocean, Source of

Rich Nutrition and Wholesome Food

We select the freshest and cleanest raw seaweed to produce healthy products

HOEEINC Introduction

Commercialization of processed agricultural and marine products

Development of processed products based on extensive know-hows of exports to Japan.
Supply of high-quality, wholesome, affordable products with competitive prices due to production at Gaeseong Industrial Complex.

Strategy for expanding domestic and global markets
Innovative Distribution
  • Diversified channels of distribution and sales
    • New channels
    • Direct distribution and sales
  • Innovation and quality upgrade
    • Direct dealings with large retailers
Distinctive Products
  • High-quality seaweeds and quality upgrade
  • Commercialization strategy
    • Convenient, small packages
  • Competitive price due to production at Gaeseong Industrial Complex
Global Exports
  • Government policy to achieve exports of agricultural and marine products worth USD10 billion
  • Diversification of export products
  • Diversification of export destinations
    • Localized step-by-step implementation