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HOEEINC Product Information

  • Anti-obese effect Sea mustard is rich in calcium, iodine and phosphorus. Iodine is essential in making thyroid hormones, and among them, thyroxine stimulates body metabolism. A lack of iodine could lead to obesity.
  • Cure for mothers after childbirth Sea mustard has been known to be good for mothers after childbirth for a long time as it cleanses blood, helps to tighten the womb and stop bleeding.
  • Treatment of constipation The sticky layer of alginic acid on the surface of sea mustard stimulates bowel movement. Eating sea mustard regularly helps to lower blood pressure and prevent heart diseases.
  • Stimulation of metabolism Sea mustard promotes activities of blood vessels, enhances body temperature and sweat control, and stimulates metabolism.

Nutritional contents

Protein 2.10g Fat 0.20g Water Contents 88.80g Calcium 153.00mg Phosphorus 40.00mh Vitamin A 233.00RE ß-carotene 1,398.00ug
Vitamin E 0.10ug Vitamin K 140.00ug Folic acid 20.50ug Ash 3.90g Dietary fiber 4.75g Iron 1.00mg Zinc 0.30mg
Manganite 0.05mg Vitamin C 18.00mg Vitamin B1 0.06mg Vitamin B2 0.16mg Vitamin B6 0.03mg Niacin 1.00mg Carbohydrates 5.00g