Treasure of the Ocean, Source of

Rich Nutrition and Wholesome Food

We select the freshest and cleanest raw seaweed to produce healthy products

HOEEINC Product Information

  • Blood pressure depressor As an alkaline seaweed,
    kelp lowers blood pressure.
  • Excellent nutrition Kelp is an outstanding kind of seaweed in terms of nutrition and health benefits.
  • Body improvement People are stressed out by hectic urban life and polluted environment, and their blood pH falls with a lack of vegetables in diet. Kelp helps to recover a blood pH balance.
  • Good for obesity and high blood pressure A low blood pH induces adult diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, and doctors recommend eating kelp to prevent these.

Nutritional contents

Niacin 1.10mg Sodium554.00mg Protein 1.10g Sugar 3.60g Retinol 0.00ug ß-carotene 774.00ug Vitamin A 129.00RE Vitamin B1 0.03mg
Vitamin B2 0.13mg Vitamin B6 0.00mg Vitamin C 14.00mg Vitamin E 1.00mg Dietary fiber 3.18g Zinc 2.52mg Folic acid 146.30ug Phosphorus 23.00mg
Fat 0.20g Iron 2.40mg Potassium 1242.00mg Calcuim 103.00mg Cholesterol 0.00mg Ash 3.50g