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HOEEINC Product Information

  • Prevention of heart
    Hijiki is rich in minerals and dietary fibers such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, cleanses blood and prevents arteriosclerosis.
  • Treatment of constipation Rich in dietary fiber,
    hijiki helps bowel movement.
  • Mitigating menopausal symptoms Rich in active ingredients similar to estrogen,
    hijiki helps to mitigate various menopausal symptoms women experience.
  • Prevention of hair loss Hijiki is rich in zinc,
    which helps to grow finger and toenails and prevents hair loss.
  • Stimulates children’s growth Hijiki has 15 times as much calcium and 550 times as much iron as milk, fortifies bone structure and stimulates children’s growth. Its minerals can be absorbed better if eaten together with vegetables rich in Vitamin C, A large amount of hijiki is exported to Japan where it is very popular for preventing various adult diseases ranging from high blood pressure to arteriosclerosis. Hijiki grows on seaside rocks in winter and spring. It is light brown in color but changes to dark brown when dried.
    ※ According to an old medical book Donguibogam, hijiki is effective for lowering fever, eliminating phlegm, cures tumor and mitigates swelling.

Nutritional contents

Niacin 0.30mg Sodium228.00mg Protein 1.30g Sugar 5.10g Retinol 0.00ug ß-carotene 756.00ug Vitamin A 126.00RE Vitamin B1 0.01mg
Vitamin B2 0.05mg Vitamin B6 0.16mg Vitamin C 28.00mg Vitamin E 1.00mg Dietary fiber 1.86g Zinc 0.29mg Folic acid 146.30ug Phosphorus 32.00mg
Fat 0.30g Iron 1.40mg Potassium 1293.00mg Calcium 88.00mg Cholesterol 0.00mg Ash 4.10g